Air conditioning is an essential part of being comfortable in your home. Not only does it keep you cool, but it also reduces humidity. This helps your house be more pleasant and can prevent moisture issues, including mold.

Like most appliances, sometimes our air conditioning units break down. One of the common problems your AC ca

Leaky air conditioner

n have is a refrigerant leak.

Do you know how to check for a freon leak in your home AC? Here are some tips that can help.

Signs There’s a Leak in Your AC

The first step is to know that there’s a problem. What are some signs that there’s a leak in your air conditioning system?

If you notice that your AC unit isn’t cooling your home like it used to, but it isn’t old, there’s likely a refrigerant leak. Leaks usually happen slowly, so you’ll notice that the unit is performing more poorly over time.

Hearing strange noises from your air conditioner is another sign. This can happen if air bubbles form in the refrigerant line due to a crack. You can also look for dirt on the line — leaking freon can attract dirt.

Try the Bubble Method to Look for Leaks

If you suspect there’s a leak in your AC line, there’s one easy way to check. Apply a soap solution to the portion of the line that you think has a crack. If there’s a leak, it usually causes a bubble at the leak point.

If it’s windy or the leak is very small, this might not work. However, it’s effective for discovering most freon leaks.

Use an AC Leak Detector

There are two different electronic devices you can use to test your AC line. One measure the conductivity of gasses around your refrigerant lines. A drop in current means a gas is present, usually a result of a leak.


Another leak detector uses a heated diode to detect an increase in refrigerant levels outside the line. If the concentration reaches a certain point, an alarm will sound. When you hear that, it’s time to have a professional service your AC.


Rather than buying an AC leak detector yourself, you can have a technician test for leaks during an External link opens in new tab or windowannual servicing appointment. If they find a problem, they can take care of it or schedule another appointment for repair.

Getting a Leak Repaired

Now that you know how to find a leak in your AC system, the question becomes how to fix it. A refrigerant leak isn’t usually something you can DIY. You’ll need to call a skilled technician to take care of the problem safely.


The problem can be simple, such as a loose fitting, or complex, requiring a new evaporator coil or copper line. They will also need to replace the lost refrigerant, which can be expensive.


To avoid problems with leaks, be sure to schedule preventive maintenance for your HVAC system every year. That way, problems can be detected early.


If you think you might have a leak or want to have your HVAC inspected, Omega Heating & Air is here to help. External link opens in new tab or windowContact us for a quote on service today!



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