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    A/C & Furnace Repair in McDonough, GA

    At Omega Heating and Air, we carry a wide selection of parts and equipment to expertly handle all of your repair and installation needs in McDonough, including the following.

    • Air conditioning systems: Residential or commercial, you can’t live without a proper air conditioning system if you live in Georgia. We have an array of high efficiency systems to match any need or budget and all of our system come with unsurpassed warranties. Call Us for more details!

    • Heat pump systems: If your house is all-electric, then a new heat pump system may be in order.  Omega offers new heat pump systems rated up to 24SEER, drastically reducing your monthly power bills!

    • Gas furnaces: Summers are hot, but the winter can also get very cold if you don’t have the right furnace! We carry highly dependable gas furnaces that come with a FREE Lifetime Warranty!

    • Packaged units: If you lack the interior room needed for a split system, we offer package units, which contain your A/C and Furnace in one box on the exterior of your home or business.
      Air handlers and coils: At Omega, we carry dependable, multi-speed air handlers to ensure your cooled or heated air is distributed throughout your duct system at the proper initial rate.  Our all-aluminum coils offer maximum performance and extended longevity.

    • Indoor air quality systems: Your family deserves to breathe the best-quality air, and our air quality systems ensure they will.

    • Controls and thermostats: From high-definition to high-resolution, full-color thermostats with touch-screen display, controlling your home’s temperature can be a breeze.

    Residential Heating & Cooling Systems

    At Omega we feature Amana brand HVAC equipment and we're sure you'll love their American-made products. Amana started producing top-quality products in 1934 and has been innovating ever since. They are committed to providing homes and businesses with heating and cooling products built to last. Amana is regularly recognized for manufacturing some of the most energy-efficient and top-quality products in the industry.

    Your Friendly Company for High-Efficiency HVAC

    When you trust your McDonough heating and cooling needs to Omega Heating and Air, you won't have to wonder if you're getting a great value for your money.  Our goal will always be to provide you with dependable, guaranteed, HVAC solutions that you will find refreshingly affordable without sacrificing efficiency or technical expertise!

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